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The Marine Environment Protection Committee at its 76th session (10-17 June, 2021) agreed on a set of guidelines to support mandatory measures for the energy efficiency scheme on board ships.

According to IMO Resolution MEPC.324(75), the attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI)/ Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is required to be calculated for ships of 400 GT and above, in accordance with the different values set for ship types and size categories.

The attained EEDI/EEXI shall be calculated for each:

  • new ship;
  • new ship which has undergone a major conversion; and
  • new or existing ship which has undergone a major conversion, that is so extensive that the ship is regarded by the Administration as a newly constructed ship.

The EEDI for new ships is an important technical measure, which aims on promoting the use of more energy efficient equipment and engines.

The index provides a specific figure for an individual ship design, expressed in grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per ship's capacity-mile (the smaller the index the more energy efficient ship design) and is calculated by a formula based on the technical design parameters for a given ship.

The EEXI attained value shall already be calculated and included in the Technical File, which must be summitted to Dromon Head Office for review and approval, prior the International Energy Efficiency (IEE) survey takes place or at the first scheduled annual, intermediate or renewal surveys on or after January 01, 2023.

We highly recommend reading through the following guidelines before using the calculator: IMO Resolutions & Guidelines

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